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Mr Mike

Relevant qualifications

    ASA Level Two Swimming Teacher
√    ASA Level One Swimming Assistant (teaching)
√    National Pool Lifeguard Qualification
    Paediatric First Aid

Miss Jo

Relevant qualifications

    ASA Level Two Swimming Teacher
    ASA Level One Swimming Assistant (teaching)
    Paediatric First Aid

Swim England Pre-School Framework

We will be following the Swim England Pre-School Framework governed by the ASA.

Every child should be given a chance to learn to swim and feel like they are comfortable and able to do so in any situation.

This is we believe that the first experiences during a child’s early years, of water and the pool environment, should be positive, fun and memorable.

The key focus areas of the Pre-School Framework are:

Giving children confidence from the word go.

Teaching the core skills needed to learn the four strokes through fun and games

The Pre-School Framework is about helping to support younger, less independent swimmers, pre-school children and babies.

It helps to keep them motivated if they are struggling with building water confidence.

One of the ways we will be helping to keep them motivated is a range of bright awards with fun and friendly characters to reward them as they progress.

An overview

Over the Summer we will be working towards the children achieving their Discovery Duckling Awards, Duckling Awards and potentially starting Stages 1-3 of the Learn to Swim Awards.

We will start with a baseline assessment of each individual child learning to swim with us and from this we will then be able to create an specific learning plan to best suit their learning needs.

We will keep you up to date with their progress and award the children with certificates, stickers and badges when appropriate.